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Partisan is a local multiplayer, 2D mystery-action game with a pixelated art style that puts two players against each other in a 1-hit kill, fight to the death. Players take the role of assassins amidst a crowd of unsuspecting NPCs. With both the players and the NPCs being randomized, it makes each game different. Armed with their trusty knife and a single flash-bang, players must use patience and mind games to get the upper hand on their victim.

Key features

-1v1, local multiplayer.

- Location and sprites of both enemies and players randomized each game.

-2 Different maps that switch up the aesthetic from game to game.

-Score 3 points to win, but watch out, as killing an NPC will lose you a point.

-Use your knife to attack and kill, and use your flash-bang to confuse and try to gain     the upper hand.


All music was done by Mark Sparling http://marksparling.com/ . His music is fantastic, and if you are looking for music for your game you should definitely consider him.

Fact sheet
Release date: 23/06/2017
Platform: Windows
Price: $0


Partisan.exe 34 MB

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